Suara Legislatif was first launched in August 2012, with a purpose of being the first platform to incorporate DPR-based journalism and enable interaction between all users into one platform. Suara Legislatif can be accessed using magazine, mobile devices, personal computers, and other surfaces. Personalization Algorithm Technology (PAT) enables Suara Legislatif to distribute its product or good quality contents to the right people and at the right time. Suara Legislatif creates value to brands and marketers through “beyond native advertisement” or traditional banner-based advertisement inventories. Empowered by PAT, advertisements through Suara Legislatif let marketers reach people based on multiple factors, including location, interests, behaviours, age and gender.

Komisaris dan Direksi

Pemilik dan Pimpinan : Endang Armada
Chief Executive Officer : Bayu Nugroho Putra Sandewa